16 1 / 2013

New computer ordered!  After over a year without a desktop & my crappy 6 year old laptop, I just ordered a new one.  My husband spent 4 months trying to repair my old iMac screen.  Then he tried to gut it and put in his mac mini so I’d have the G4 shell (which I love) but a newer computer.  But he couldn’t get the screen to work.  It was weird because it worked connected as an external monitor to my laptop, but not the mini.  He thinks it has something to do with the power required for the mini vs older laptops.  But I was done with him trying to fix it.  So I got a 2 year old refurbished model to save the moneys, but it’s still an iMac which I like.  I don’t need the super cool or super fastest ever because really I use it to internet & keep track of our family finances.  Sometimes photo editing and projects, but nothing super fancy. 

I’m excited!  I love having a desktop.  I’m just so much more productive with a keyboard, mouse and forced to stay at a dedicated workspace.  When I use my laptop, I move to the couch or the bed and then turn on tv and then it’s like oh what was I doing?  Paying bill and NOT dicking around on tumblr?  my bad. 

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